5 most beautiful mosques in the world.

What do you think should go on a trip wander him around the globe as a whole to see the most beautiful mosques in the world , 


and to see how the great Islamic civilization merged with the cultures of the different peoples of the world , to clear the merger in the form of architectural marvels will not see amazing I have ever seen .

 " Crystal Mosque " in "Malaysia" : a mosque made ​​of crystal and is equipped with the means of modern technology , such as the Internet , to allow visitors to read the Koran on the way e . Which is the second largest mosque in Southeast Asia , and can accommodate more than 15 thousand worshipers , also contains a prayer hall Chairperson , in addition to the four minarets giant .

2 " Great Mosque of Xi'an " in "China" : one of the most beautiful mosques in the world , is the oldest . Built in accordance with Chinese architecture without a dome or minaret , which is adorned with decoration and Islamic texts . Has been supplemented by a group of ancient buildings which translates merger between Chinese and Islamic civilizations . It also includes the role of these four buildings containing 72 rooms .

3 " King Faisal Mosque " in "Pakistan" : This mosque is situated in the capital, " Islamabad " . Surrounded by mountains and breathtaking heights . Came designed in the form of Bedouin Tent without a dome. The prayer hall can accommodate it for about ten thousand worshipers , in addition to the external areas which can accommodate about 50 thousand worshipers . The rise of the mosque, four beacons . The costs of the completion of this massive project is about 40 million U.S. dollars, for being one of the most important achievements of the Islamic .

4 " glass mosque " in " Germany " : It was built on the lam Latin -shaped , and its walls are made of transparent glass , note that the glass facades and blue and white . This also includes the mosque screens abroad to write the dates of prayer , as well as electronic boards to guide worshipers to places of ablution and others.

5 " Blue Mosque " in "Turkey" : the so-called " Sultan Ahmed Mosque ," and is considered one of the important milestones in Islamic architecture . Adopted in its construction exaggeration in Ottoman architecture , came as a masterpiece , which includes seven minarets . It is located near the buildings belonging to him , including: school , hospital , restaurant for the poor , for water to drink , and the tomb of Sultan Ahmed.
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