Rooms children basics and tips

Children the basics and tips and great models basics and tips, which you must pay attention to before the founding of children and babies of all ages. 

1. the colors of the walls and floor. Color should be used in children's rooms, bright (bright) and stay away from dark colors. To keep your child fun (pleased) and prefers to use natural fees on the walls (flowers and trees) instruct your child to love nature. Also preferably wooden flooring for shock absorption, are advised to stay away from the carpet due to its transition to a colony of bacteria and insects.
2-used furniture in rooms for children. Preferably wooden, and free from sharp angles that often hurt children. 
3. accessories. Very important for children's rooms, with note to be appropriate for your child's age and sex, male or female, and the commercial tendencies and desires with the need not to exaggerate the hgmhaoaddha so easily arranged and cleaned.
4. lighting. Simple and white. Should never be brilliant or weak
 5-Note. That all electrical outlets (chips) out of reach of children, especially in the early years. 6. renewal. Children's rooms should be renewed every year or two at most children are bored. In order to keep their fond and pet them, you must consider the renewal and replacement accessories. In every stage of children changed their interests and change.

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