Cristiano Ronaldo's home a welfare icon

Cristiano Ronaldo's home a welfare icon
Portuguese star player and team Real Madrid is popular global footballing skill , so that the title of prince of the ball , so it was originally an unusually in the case of football players celebrities who come from poor neighborhoods , the Cristiano is originally from a wealthy family . In addition to his skill inimitable career he is now favorite characters with charisma not only to his fans from the world of football , but also by advertisers , it is representative for companies such as Nike and Coca-Cola and Kentucky and Armani.

 And reflects a house Cristiano Ronaldo this affluence and good taste in style modern , has participated fans a tour of the house through the PBS channel Supercasas, overlooking the house on a large swimming pool , and was building the house so recently architectural design of architect Joaquin Torres, which is the embodiment of a huge telly initials the name of Cristiano Ronaldo CR, in addition to print those characters on several areas of the house , the first house iron gate .

Cristiano Ronaldo's home

 So as much as Madrid's lavish home at a price of $ 7.2 million , which takes an area of ​​8600 square feet , and has 7 bedrooms, 0.8 bathrooms , and room for cups and honors , and a number of rooms for children.

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