Great Project to Try Origami Flower Ball

This Origami Flower Ball is a Great Project to Try

 To make this flower ball or kusudama first you have to craft flowers. To make each flower take a square sheet of paper and fold it diagonally in half in the form of a triangle. Fold the triangle again to become a kite-like shape. Unfold both the sides and you will see a kite shape with two triangles at the sides. Fold both the triangles in half. Open both of them and press as shown in step 4. Fold the pointed tops of the two cone like shapes downward as in step 5. Then again fold the cones in half. Apply adhesive on one side as in step 7 and bring both the sides together and make a cone. Make each flower by joining 5 such cones. Apply a bit of paint on the edges of the flower with a sponge. Make more and join the flowers together to become a 3D Ball.

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