Awesome Fingerless Gloves Made from Socks

Fingerless gloves are very fashionable and a must have for this cold winter days. Although they probably don’t cost more than 10$ if you buy them in a cheap shop but why waste that 10$ when you can create them by yourself with the help of old socks and some basic sewing skills. First of all make sure you have found the right sock size that matches perfectly your hand. Pick the colour you like, either dark colour one or bright one. I would recommend you find a dark grey sock as it matches well with pink. Line the areas where you have to cut off with a white pencil; Cut it as the picture tutorial indicates below and then sew the ends so it looks sophisticated.

If the socks you have chosen are too plain and simple, you can always add some embellishments or even sew a heart shape material such as the one used in this tutorial. Now winter will not be a problem for your soft beautiful hands and the best thing is that you can still show off your manicure by wearing this gloves. What are you waiting for? go and grab a pair of socks and get ready your scissors to make the most fashionable fingerless gloves ever! Enjoy winter and keep your hands warm.
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